ICE Challenge 2023-VR for Good Challenge Students’ Workshop​

ICE Challenge 2023-VR for Good Challenge Students' Workshop​

Last Saturday, the student’s workshop for International Coding Education (ICE) Challenge-VR for Good Challenge has been successfully held. Students are introduced to skills in order to explore game development through creating their own immersive 3D Virtual Reality Escape Room under the guidance of our instructor, Miss Erato. From the idea of virtual reality (VR) to how to make clues in an escape room, students have learnt how to create and program their own escape room on Cospaces. Students raised questions actively and the inquiries were resolved one by one by our instructor. We believe that the workshop could give them a better idea of how to perform well in the challenge.

The theme of this year is mental health, in which we hope to raise students’ awareness of the issue. We are looking forward to the outstanding work from students!