Inspiring and Nurturing the Next Generation
with 21st Century Skills

Bridging the gap between student learning and industry-aligned skills

Caprikon Education is a coding academy providing innovative, custom-tailored courses for kids to promote technical learning and development with Hong Kong’s next generation in a fun and engaging manner. With coding, we want to train young digital natives with the right tools to succeed and unlock their potential. 

21st Century Skills in Practice

Achieving Tech Literacy

Since Python is a universal language, students can be empowered to see one’s own impact on the world and fulfill their potential.

Project-based Work

By prioritising real-life situations and interdisciplinary subjects in our curriculum, we are pioneering student learning in FinTech, AI and Python. 

Industry-aligned, Practical Skills

Portfolios are important assets to demonstrate one’s strengths and personality. That’s why we spend time helping students put their best foot forward.

Integrated Digital Citizenship

Students get chances to up-skill on what it means to be a digital citizen, how to model communication, collaboration and understanding with others.

Tech Literacy through Coding

Set future generations up for success

67% of all new STEM jobs are in computing, yet only 10% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. Get a head start and start coding now!

Solve micro and macro problems

As digital natives, students need to understand the tools so that they can apply, design and redefine the world around them.

Boost learning literacy and brain development

By practicing computational thinking and problem solving, students are able to hone in on key tenets of 21st Century learning.

"The majority of students had an attitude of "play" more than being asked to learn, this created a great atmosphere. They continuously completed levels and when they encountered difficulties they would discuss how to complete the level with other students."
Mr. Hui
ICT Panel

Spark Curiosity.

Unlock Potential.

Empower Students.


We firmly believe that learning continues outside of the classroom. Other than coding courses for students, we have a whole range of parent teacher seminars, hands-on workshops and global educational tours for schools in Hong Kong.

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