Hong Kong True Light College – Learn Coding by Playing Games

Hong Kong True Light College - Learn coding by playing Ozaria games.

STEAM / STEM】(Science)(Technology)(Engineering)(Mathematics)(Art)

Nowadays many schools provide coding programme, but have you ever thought of learning them through playing? Using the educational coding platform, Ozaria,  Hong Kong True Light College has already attracted many students engaging in learning Phython and coding languages. 

How to intriguing students

Principal Ng from Hong Kong True Light College has stated that the strategy of STEAM education is based on students’ real hands on experience instead of rote learning. So the college has provided with diversified STEAM activities, in order to train students’ creativity and logical thinking.  

Coding – From the shallower to the deep

Learn by playing is an extra curricular activity provided from the college, mainly for students from F.3 to F.5 who study ICT. Through the platform Ozaria to let students learn Phython and coding language. 

The coding game is like the common game practice, it requires players to finish missions in order to go on the next level. When students are playing games, they need to enter the correct coding code to move their character around, during the progress, students are able to intensify the memorise of coding language since the levels in the game are from the shallower to the deep. 


Cultivate students interests in learning coding 

The vice principal Mr. Chu has mentioned, many students agreed that learning python is difficult, and most courses are theory based, so students are not interested in it. But learn coding through games, it is a whole different story. Students can learn coding by doing mission, playing games and earning points, these formats are way more interesting than just sitting in the class and listening to the dull courses. Also the coding game can be continued during covid class suspensions, even without the assistance of tutor, students can also do it by themselves. 

Increase teaching effectiveness

Learn by playing games not only can cultivate students knowledge on python but also increase teaching effectiveness. Since the game emphasis on coding language and usage, it can stimulate students’ logical thinking, and let the students well equipped with basic python knowledge. 


Inspired students to work in related industry 

Through playing the coding game, students are inspired to work or study in the related IT industry in the future.