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We received an overwhelming response from teachers on this initiative. So far, we have 270 teachers from more than 230 schools signed up for the resources. Among them, close to 200 teachers attended our teacher training webinar on Feb 1st and Feb 2nd. Among the teachers who filled the feedback form, 90% of them are considering to use CodeCombat during the holiday extension. We are very grateful for all the support, and at Caprikon Education, we strive to bring more and more high quality teaching and learning resources to schools in Hong Kong.

We are still distributing the programming remote learning resources for free. We will also send you a recording of a teacher training webinar for your reference. Please sign up at the form located in the bottom of this page to receive a copy of all the resources. 

Last update: Feb 5, 2020


Following the announcement of the Hong Kong Government to extend School holidays, schools will be facing significant pressures to provide students with quality education while dealing with the challenging constraints of the public health threat at hand. 

Caprikon Education would like to do our part in assisting schools and students by providing a web-based platform and teaching materials that thrive in a remote learning environment.

Online Coding Platform: CodeCombat

We are bringing US College Board-endorsed online coding platform, CodeCombat to teachers and students in Hong Kong. CodeCombat is an interactive, fun, game-based computer science program where students use text-based Python to control their characters. CodeCombat’s platform also comes with a teacher’s dashboard where teachers can monitor their class’ progress and identify ways to help their students – even remotely!

Free Programming Remote Learning Resources

We are delighted to announce that we will be offering the following to all teachers and students in Hong Kong for FREE:

  • Teacher and student access to CodeCombat Computer Science 1
  • Associated Python programming teaching materials for CodeCombat
  • On-demand video teaching

The above will provide 3-5 hours of teaching content depending on student age and programming experience. The recommended participation age group is P4-P6 and S1-S3 but you, as teachers, would be best placed to assess suitability for your students.

We hope you and your students enjoy using the platform and please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or whatsapp us at +852 6521 9562 if we can be of any assistance.

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