誠邀參與 AR、VR及AI 免費線上課程: 獲美國國務院教育文化局支持

We, Caprikon Education, are glad to gain support from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, offering free online courses for primary and secondary school students who were previously nominated for the ICE Challenge 2023. The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional …

誠邀參與 AR、VR及AI 免費線上課程: 獲美國國務院教育文化局支持 Read More »

啟瀚科技教育 X INDEX GAME 達成戰略夥伴合作

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Index Game , a leading Web3 company, to bring an immersive Metaverse learning experience to students in Hong Kong.   Through this collaboration, students will be able to discover the world of Metaverse and become familiar with the interactive and innovative digital environment. It’s our pleasure to …

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ICE Challenge 2023 Group Photo

星島頭條: 逾千港澳台學生參加「國際編程精英挑戰賽」 港生包辦中小學組總冠軍

國際編程教育基金會主辦為期三個月的「國際編程精英挑戰賽2023」,吸引多達1,500位來自香港、澳門及台灣三地的中小學生參賽。在5月下旬舉辦的總決賽中,港澳信義會小學的劉柏燊同學以及中華基督教會銘賢書院的李汶鈞同學,分別贏得「CodeCombat港澳台挑戰賽」小學組和中學組的總冠軍,而嘉諾撒聖家書院的區凱婷、張凱盈和林瑩敏同學,則組隊贏得「VR For Good Challenge 虛擬實景密室逃脫大賽」的總冠軍。 編程教育著重培訓學生的邏輯思維、創意思維及解難能力。大會提供圖片 國際編程教育基金會將於明年加設區制比賽,按地區將學校分組,希望令本地的學生能夠有更多機會交流編程心得,同時亦會與各慈善團體合作,將社會議題融入比賽當中,一方面鼓勵同學們關注時事和從事義工服務,另一方面推動更多有需要的學生參與活動和提升編程技巧。 近年教育界積極推動STEAM教育,協助學生跨學科融匯不同學科的知識,其中編程教育不但迎合科技新世代,更著重培訓學生的邏輯思維、創意思維及解難能力,深受教師、家長和學生的愛戴。 來源:星島頭條 2023年6月7日 <逾千港澳台學生參加「國際編程精英挑戰賽」 港生包辦中小學組總冠軍>

ICE Challenge 2023-虛擬實境密室逃脫遊戲設計大賽學生工作坊

ICE Challenge 2023-VR for Good Challenge Students’ Workshop​ Last Saturday, the student’s workshop for International Coding Education (ICE) Challenge-VR for Good Challenge has been successfully held. Students are introduced to skills in order to explore game development through creating their own immersive 3D Virtual Reality Escape Room under the guidance of our instructor, Miss Erato. …

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國際編程精英挑戰賽 2023

International Coding Education (ICE) Challenge is returning in 2023! Last year, more than 3,500 primary and secondary students from over 150 schools participated in the competitions and demonstrated their exceptional coding skills. In 2023, We are pleased to nominate some of the outstanding coders to take part in the Asian Games and also the global coding …

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