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CodeCombat is a comprehensive, standards-aligned coding solution that’s accessible to all educators, regardless of technology experience. Developed in the U.S. and endorsed by the College Board, CodeCombat follows standards of CSTA and prepares students for their future.

Computer Science
Web Development
Game Development

Programming Languages:

Compete in Local, Regional and Global CodeCombat Challenges

  • Go head to head with students from around the world
  • Put students’ coding skills to the test
  • Train problem solving and computational thinking skills and think on your feet!

40+ HK Representatives

Nominated at 2020 Global Code Quest

Placed 4 Students in Top 10

For the middle school bracket at 2020 Global Code Quest

Machine Learning for Kids

Machine Learning for Kids is a tool developed by IBM that introduces machine learning to students with hands-on learning. The tool is compatible with a variety of popular platforms.

  • Web-based tool that trains models to recognize text, numbers, images and sounds, so students can build engaging projects and games
  • By understanding how machine learning works, they can apply this knowledge to solve problems for themselves and those around them

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